About Us

Screen Careers is a one-stop online platform that creates, builds and sustains careers in the Australian screen industry.

We tackle the Below The Line skills shortage by offering training and upskilling for employees at all levels, fuelling screen industry production in Australia and supporting long term development.

Screen Careers’ goal is simple – to
recruit more workers, train and
induct them so they’re ready for
on-set employment and support
them to employment. Committed
to lifelong learning, we offer
workforce capabilities that improve

We are not an academic
organisation nor looking to
compete in that market. We begin
where academic institutions end
and consider ourselves to be a
fundamental partner in a person’s
education-to-work journey.

Our Vision

Shaping the Future of Australian Film

Excellently Trained Crew

Our vision is a future where the Australian screen industry is powered by a highly skilled, versatile crew, ready to meet the growing demands of global and local productions.

Lifelong Learning Culture

We envision a world where continuous improvement and professional development are embedded in the fabric of the screen industry, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of value and belonging among all professionals.

Global Recognition for Australian Crews

Our goal is to establish Australian crews as the gold standard in film production worldwide, making Australia a beacon of excellence and innovation in the screen industry.

We will know we are succeeding
when we see the following changes:


Crew wellbeing and standards of behaviour on set are improving equally.


The people engaged in the early phase of our pipeline will be representative of modern Australia and this diversity will be visible in the crews. In time senior roles will be held by people representative of the Australian population.


Crew will engage in continuing professional development, throughout their employment. This will lift the bar on professional skills, future proofing our industry.

Our Mission

We seek to elevate careers in film and television through comprehensive, flexible learning options, catering to both seasoned professionals and those ready to embark on a new chapter in their careers.

As a not-for-profit organisation with a national reach, our goal is to forge an inclusive, robust pathway into the screen industries for newcomers, nurturing the growth and expertise of Below The Line crew members throughout their journey in the field.

Our offerings are diverse and practical, spanning in-person workshops, e-learning modules, trade skills training, set etiquette, and leadership development workshops.

How to help the
work of Screen Careers

Screen Careers is a national not-for-profit
organisation dependent upon funding from screen
agencies, production businesses and the charity
sector to carry out its work of bringing new people
into the screen industry and supporting the careers
of people working in Below The Line crew roles.

If you’d like to help us further our work in this area, please contact:

Fiona Gilroy
[email protected]

to talk about the ways you can do this.

Problem / Solution

At Screen Careers, we position ourselves not as competitors to academic institutions but as their complement, bridging the gap between formal education and the dynamic world of work.

Our programs, crafted by industry
professionals, offer practical, role-
specific learning opportunities designed
to seamlessly transition individuals from
academic settings into the bustling film
industry. With a focus on short, impactful
courses, we equip our learners with the
skills and knowledge necessary for
immediate application, sidestepping the
need for traditional, lengthy degree

Addressing the Industry’s Core Challenges

The film industry often appears as a closed world, with many roles shrouded in mystery. This lack of visibility is compounded by outdated career advice and a reliance on networking over open recruitment, making entry seem daunting to outsiders. Screen Careers aims to demystify the industry, providing clear insights and pathways into a range of Below The Line roles.


Unlike other industries, there’s a stark absence of standardised training for many vital film roles. Our approach circumvents this gap by offering direct, hands-on training sessions that are both accessible and relevant, moving beyond the theoretical focus of traditional education.

Career Progression

In an industry fueled by freelancing, structured career development is rare. We address this by not only providing entry-level training but also supporting continuous professional development, ensuring individuals can grow and evolve within their roles.

Work Culture

The challenges of a freelance-dominated industry are many, including a lack of stability and a culture that can, at times, tolerate negativity. We’re committed to fostering a healthier workplace culture through leadership and management training, aiming to build environments where respect, inclusivity, and professionalism are paramount.

Freelance Business Skills
Recognising the entrepreneurial nature of film careers, we offer guidance on navigating the freelance landscape successfully, from setting up a business to managing contracts and finances, ensuring a sustainable career path.
Our Whole Career Solution

Our model is a comprehensive career solution tailored to the unique needs of the film industry. By addressing the critical issues of recruitment, training, career progression, workplace culture, and business skills, we offer resources that support individuals to launch, develop, and sustain fulfilling careers Below The Line.

Our Team


Esther Coleman Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

Denise Eriksen

Head of Training & Programmes

Fiona Gilroy

Head of Business Development and Communications

Megan Mohell

Head of Operations & Company Secretary

Board of Directors

Chris Oliver Taylor

Chief Content Officer, ABC

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